Tara Duncan is an ordinary girl who has come from Earth to UltraWorld to learn about her powers and to help her family protect the lush Meme empire.

In her daily life, Tara is faced with responsibilities and situations she did not expect, since she is the granddaughter of the Empress of Meme, and therefore now the heir to the throne. To tame her magical powers, she takes magic lessons from a dragon.

During the magic lessons Tara meets her friends, the MagicGang. Together they play celestial polo, solve mysteries, save people and maintain harmony in the empire…and correct their mistakes. In addition to her missions, Tara pursues a personal quest: to find a cure to save her grandfather, who accidentally turned into a dog.

Spectators of the series airing on a daily basis on Rai Gulp are already immersed in the story and drawn into the magic that revolves around Tara’s everyday life.

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