Asterix is ​​the brand inspired by the hilarious adventures of the famous hero of Gaul.

Asterix is ​​a true evergreen and for this reason it can afford to thrill a very transversal target. It boasts more than 370 million books sold, 4 live action movies and 9 animated films.

A license that brings with it human and positive values ​​since 1959, such as tradition, loyalty, respect, multiculturalism. Without missing the recognizable sense of humor and a pinch of impertinence.

2017 was an important year for Asterix not only thanks to the numerous partnerships. The mobile game Asterix & Friends (which has reached one million downloads in just 5 days) has been released by Bandai Namco Entertainment and can also be played on Facebook, with more than 3 million players. In addition, a new book dedicated to Italy, “Asterix et la Transitalique”, was launched internationally and represents the 37th comic book of the collection.