Il settimanale Panorama dedica un articolo di 3 pagine a Bing

Journalist Marco Morello visited Acamar Films’ production studios in London and met with CEO, Michael Shields.

We are pleased to report that the weekly magazine Panorama dedicated a long 3-page article to Bing, recognizing it as a phenomenon for all Italian families. In fact, the animated series has touched more than 6.2 million people worldwide.

Journalist Marco Morello managed to perfectly transfer the essence and joyful spirit of the series to his audience by interviewing Acamar Films CEO Michael Shields.
The article touches important points, such as the hyperemotionality of the main character Bing, who brings to life the same emotions as children, the collaboration of experienced pedagogues in the production, and the incredible numbers that testify to the success of the series.

Maurizio Distefano Licensing agency has been managing Bing’s licensing program in Italy for a great many years now and is proud of the consistent results the series brings.