The video for Charlotte M.’s new song, “Hola flamingo” is now online!

“Hola flamingo,” the new song by Charlotte M., the young web star who boasts sky-high numbers on the social media beloved by Generation Z, was released on October 24 and in just 3 days has reached 250,000 views on YouTube (

The song is also available to stream on Spotify, where the performer’s previous tracks, “I love you” and “Buum Buum,” are also featured.

Her passion for music will lead her to release more songs in 2022 as well, including in other languages, such as English and Spanish.

The title of this new song is inspired by her fan base: in fact, at the beginning of each of her videos, Charlotte greets her fans by calling them “flamingo”, on the wave of the symbol that now distinguishes her, the flamingo.

To date, her YouTube channel boasts 960,000 subscribers, while on TikTok followers are 980,000 and 133,000 on Instagram.

In addition to music, Charlotte M. also loves to write: she has already published two books with Fabbri Editori, “Un’estate al college infestato” in 2020 and “Un amore oltreoceano”, released this year. A third book, also published by Fabbri Editori, is already scheduled for February 2022.

The plans for 2022 do not end, with Charlotte dubbing two animated films, filming the movie adaptation of her first book and a serialized TV series for her fans.

Maurizio Distefano Licensing is the World Wide licensing agent for Charlotte M. and has closed several contracts with important Italian companies to bring Charlotte M. products to the market.

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