The web star Charlotte M. is among the youngest popular YouTube influencers, at only 13 years old she has more than 800K followers on all main social media, like Instagram and Tik Tok!

Charlotte finds her followers mainly among the female audience of school-age and teenagers, she is loved because of her relatable contents as a young girl dealing with all the different themes typical of her age in a humoristic and funny way, like going to school, and things to do during free time.

Her story began when she come up with the idea of asking her mother to record her while she transformed herself into a mermaid thanks to a magic potion, in no time she became famous and increased her followers, she moved on to more professional videos, up to even recording a song, “I LOVE YOU“, also available on Spotify.

Charlotte M.’s popularity is so recognized that Fabbri Editori has published a series of books including the two titles: “Charlotte M. Un’estate al college infestato“, selected for the making of a movie, and “Charlotte M. Un amore oltreoceano“, available in all bookstores and on In addition, she has already planned the release of her next song this summer.