Celebrando una decade di successi: 2014-2024, dieci anni di innovazione e partnership indimenticabili per l’agenzia Maurizio Distefano Licensing

It’s with great joy and gratitude that this year Maurizio Distefano Licensing celebrates the tenth anniversary of the agency’s foundation. Ten years of commitment, passion, innovative partnerships, strategic vision, and intuition on winning brands have shaped the successful path taken since day one.

Since its foundation, Maurizio Distefano, with his CEO partner Michela Marchese Patti and the entire splendid Team, have dedicated effort and high professionalism in providing high-quality services to Licensors and Licensees. All Licensees are supported throughout the process to turn licensing projects into great successes.

The constant commitment has resulted in solid and long-lasting relationships between the agency and its Italian and abroad partners becoming, according to the prestigious Licensing Global magazine, the No. 1 agency in Italy, No. 2 in Europe, and No. 37 in the world.

For the occasion, the agency’s logo is enriched with a fun celebratory balloon.

Maurizio Distefano, President, states: “Looking to the future, we will definitely continue to innovate and grow, always maintaining a high level of service and professionalism. We are excited to explore new opportunities and continue to build successful partnerships that allow us to reach new milestones. With my CEO partner Michela Marchese Patti, we want to warmly thank our entire team for their commitment and dedication, as well as our licensors and licensees for their trust and support over these extraordinary ten years.”