Uè, che storia! Cromo ha scelto l’umorismo de Il Milanese Imbruttito per i nuovi biglietti di auguri Imbruttiti

In 2024, “The Irriverent Greeting Cards by Il Milanese Imbruttito” by Cromo are coming.

Milan, Monday, December 18, 2023: In the landscape of innovative and creative companies, Cromo has decided to embrace the irreverence and unique spirit of “Il Milanese Imbruttito” to personalize its greeting cards. The collection will be called “Irreverent Greeting Cards by Il Milanese Imbruttito” and will include greeting cards for various events (graduation, wedding, birthday, etc.) and Christmas cards with an appealing style that promises to bring a breath of freshness and originality to the traditional world of greetings. The licensing program for Il Milanese Imbruttito is managed in Italy by the Maurizio Distefano Licensing agency.

Il Milanese Imbruttito, known for its Milanese irony, sharp humor, and unique communication style, has earned a special place in the hearts of many followers. Cromo’s choice to associate this brand with its greeting cards reflects the desire to break the mold and offer a touch of irony and fun.

With over 3 million followers across various social platforms, Il Milanese Imbruttito has created an engaging and passionate community. Its posts have gone viral thanks to a unique mix of irony, satire, and a healthy dose of self-irony. The ability to address current issues with a light and humorous touch has made Il Milanese Imbruttito a reference point for those seeking a fun break in their day. Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube are just some of the platforms where Il Milanese Imbruttito has left its mark. Interactions with followers, sarcastic responses, and entertaining exchanges have become a trademark, solidifying its presence in the digital landscape.

“We are excited about this partnership. We have high expectations from Cromo, which will surely be able to convey the style of Il Milanese Imbruttito to its cards,” says Maurizio Distefano, President of Maurizio Distefano Licensing. “With Il Milanese Imbruttito, we immediately connected, speaking the same language in terms of the strategy to adopt and a strong desire to make a mark in the licensing market.”