Cicciobello e Canta Tu! Un nuovo programma di licensing adesso disponibile sul mercato

The two high awareness brands are available for licensing projects and are now part of Maurizio Distefano Licensing’s portfolio

Giochi Preziosi has decided to entrust Maurizio Distefano Licensing Cicciobello and Canta Tu to initiate new licensing projects with these iconic brands who are very loved by consumers.

Cicciobello is the famous doll born in 1962 with the big blue eyes, the blond bob hairstyle and the historic identification tag. An evergreen brand that has won the hearts of little girls and boys for entire generations, becoming a true “love-brand”. The doll has been conveying positive values in true role-play for more than 60 years. By playing with Cicciobello, children, in fact, release their natural creativity and can play “pretend to be…”

Cicciobello managed to stand out in the doll market by becoming the quintessential brand. Its unique features, similar to those of a real baby, and the technological innovation of crying, unique at the time, made it iconic. Its target audience ranges from parents who seek the values and quality of Cicciobello for their children, to newborns who can experience sensory and experiential play, to children ages 2 to 5 who dive into role-play by imagining themselves as parents.

“Cicciobello is an established brand with a positive message and irresistible appeal to children and families,” says Maurizio Distefano, president of the agency. “Ideal for growing in a variety of product categories where the brand’s values make it truly unique and of great interest. A unique brand not only in Italy, but also abroad.”

Speaking of brands that have made history in Italy, we also find Canta Tu, an audio-video system with microphone to experience the passion of karaoke anywhere and with anyone. It’s an iconic brand that has managed over the years to conquer both the adult and children’s target audience, united by the passion for singing. The key-words of the Canta Tu brand are fun, conviviality, celebration!

Canta Tu stands out as a license because, with the strength of its awareness, in addition to classic licensing projects, it lends itself to treading new merchandise scenarios, more social, where being together is always a source of fun and joy.

Maurizio Distefano says, “Canta Tu is now part of Italian culture and certainly has a lot to offer, giving us the opportunity to explore unprecedented possibilities in the territory of licensing collaborations. We are excited to explore together with our licensees the opportunities behind this brand.”