The second season of hit show Kids Vet Academy has arrived!

Eight aspiring young vets will work with Doctor Assin in the new 12-episode series

Kids Vet Academy, the hit live-action show in which a group of eight aspiring vets between the ages of 10 and 13 get to train with real animals, is back!

Season two has been available as a boxset premiere on Rai Play from 23 September and can be seen every day at 8.10am on Rai Gulp from Monday 3 October.

This successful and popular show for under-14s brings eight curious, resourceful, and courageous young animal lovers together with Doctor Renato Assin, a passionate veterinarian and popular science star, to find out more about what it means to be a vet, a profession they’ve dreamed of since they were small.

It’s a fast-paced and engaging show which uses clear, understandable language to show how experts treat and care for animals, with the help of more than 50 little patients from a variety of animal species and homes – including wildlife parks, small sanctuaries, farms, shelters and veterinary clinics.

In fact the 12 new episodes will see our little would-be vets visit the Ark of the Chameleons, the Wolf Refuge, Abatino Park, the Alpaca Plain, Poggio Nebbia Farm, the 4th Mounted Carabinieri Regiment and, of course, the Academy’s headquarters. The aspiring animal doctors will visit – and help to treat – dogs, cats, rabbits and piglets as well as dromedaries, alpacas, horses, ostriches, zebu, monkeys, roe deer, giant millipedes, snakes and many other species!

As well as Renato Assin the programme stars Marina Borgonovo, Alessandro Caputi, Eva Del Grande, Michelle Gallo, Ermanno Longo, Matilde Marzetti, Jacopo Misso and Vasco Kien Nicoletti.

Kids Vet Academy has been developed by Annalisa Del Grande and Federica Petruccioli, with creative direction by Alessandra Cortese. It is produced by TV Com of Rome in collaboration with Rai Kids.

“Kids Vet Academy is unique,” explains Maurizio Distefano, president of the Maurizio Distefano Licensing agency, licensing agent for Italy for the property. “It is a reality show with a strong educational component that allows children to get closer to the world of animals, learn about them and care for them. We are delighted that it is part of our portfolio and thrilled that we are building a strong licensing programme based on the success of the series.”


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