Masha e Orso

Masha and the Bear is an animated series that follows the adventures and the stories of the mischievous little girl Masha and her best friend, Bear.

From humble beginnings, the series firstly was aired on Rai 2 in 2012. It quickly became a YouTube fenomenon and a fan favourite among mothers and families.
In 2014, the series was broadcasted on Rai YoYo and DeA Junior, where ratings exceeded average net, with an 8% audience share. Its dedicated YouTube channel now boasts more than 550 million monthly viewers and the demand for Masha and the Bear merchandising products has hit a higher new record.

Popular among families, the series drives positive and educational values such as friendship, play, discovery, curiosity and tolerance as it explores the relationship between the child and adult world.

Masha – A restless and mischievous child, Masha loves to play pranks and cause troubles. Through her friendship with the Bear, each episode sees Masha embarking on a journey of discovery as she comes to terms with the adult world.
Bear – A former circus performer, Bear lives a peaceful and quiet life in his tree house in Taiga. Bear’s peace is turned upside down by his friendship with Masha and while he’d love doing nothing more than listening to the music, cooking, fishing, gardening, watching sports on TV, drinking tea and reading, he is more often found guiding young Masha through her on going adventures.

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