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Maurizio Distefano Licensing is the agent for Chic & Love in Italy and other countries

Agency appointed to manage licensing for the fashion brand for Italy and not only.

The Licensing and Managing Consulting agency Maurizio Distefano The evolution of Licensing has been appointed to manage licensing for new fashion and accessories brand Chic & Love for Italy, Canton Ticino, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ex Yugoslavia countries.

The Chic & Love brand focuses its style on the concept of affordable luxury, combining street style with an avant-garde look. The products that could be developed with the brand will be for sure functional and practical, but also glamorous and off-the-wall, thanks to the partnership with Swarovski, the world’s most famous luxury brand. Chic & Love gives the opportunity to incorporate Swarovski crystals into many of its collections.

Another point of success of the brand is its suitability for different categories and it can reflect the lifestyle and interests of its main target audience of teen and young adult women through relevant, lifestyle-related content. The brand already has a strong media presence though Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and its own site.

Maurizio Distefano’s agency is planning to develop a tailor-made licensing programme, built on the key attributes of the brand. Chic & Love is suitable for developing products in different merchandise categories, such as apparel, back to school, greeting cards, smartphone covers, mugs, watches, jewellery, lingerie, umbrellas, tech accessories, decorations, bed linen and others. The link with Swarovski will be a strong feature in almost all licensed output.

Michela Marchese Patti, CEO and Owner of the agency, is very excited about the collaboration with the brand: “I am convinced that Chic & Love has a very strong appeal for today’s women, and could be translated into products suitable for different targets, adults, teens and girls. The collaboration between our agency and Chic & Love will create very cool projects, with an high-luxury style but affordable for everyone.”