Monchhichi is an animated series on air every day on DeA Junior channel, which tells the adventures of cute creatures that create children’s dreams.

The Monchhichi’s are a community of brave and equally cute friends. Their mission in life is to act as ‘sleep custodians’; creating dreams for children across the world.  Kauri is the Dream Tree’s in-house builder, the brawn of the bunch. He’s a cool-headed musician and daydreamer who rarely gets rattled or stressed. Despite his strength, he can still get into lots of trouble. He is very brave and would never hesitate to step forward, to protect his friends. Hanae is our determined leader of the Shock Trio! She’s very sporty and a very loyal friend. She loves jumping and swinging between vines, and is great at picking the Glowing Fruit. She also loves pulling pranks and always enjoys a good laugh. But what she loves the most is action! Willow Despite being the smallest Monchhichi, Willow is a skilled handyman and brilliant inventor. He will find a solution to almost every problem, and always find a way to counter his opponents, even though he is not a very skilled fighter. He also loves studying insects, stones and exotic plants. He can lose his temper very quickly, but Willow is always there to offer a helping hand.

However, their task is not always easy. They must tread carefully for there are some who wish to have more dreams for themselves. With gut and willpower, the Monchhichi always triumph in the end through creativity, teamwork and of course; a little help from some friends.