Leo & Tig

Leo and Tig are two puppies of leopard and siberian tiger that enjoy having fun in the wilderness of the Far Eastern taiga.

Leo & Tig is a phenomenal Russian project produced by the animation studio Parovoz and managed by the company 0+ Media. It tells the story of the daily adventures of two little friends, the leopard Leo and the tiger Tig, who enjoy the adventures in the wilderness of the Far Eastern taiga, which surrounds them with its beauty, dangers and legends.

The two friends explore the extraordinary nature, learning every time something new about the world around them and its inhabitants.

The message behind this animated series is a sense of respect and care for the world around us, making it a real cognitive entertainment project for children.

On air in Italy on Rai YoYo every day since July 2019, the first series consists of 26 episodes of 11 minutes, suitable for an audience from 5 to 10 years old.