Meet the Hamstas, a group of funny furballs with big mouths and even bigger personalities.

Hamsta was born when a young Dutch art director called Saskia Keiser decided to expand her family by adopting a cute hamster. With a nose that loved exploring the world and his comical movement, the hamster soon brought happiness and laughter to the whole family.
Combining his passion for Japanese design with his love for hamsters, Keiser struck upon the idea of Hamsta World, a family of hamsters that – playing on the Japanese term Hamasuta – borrowed more than just its name from Japanese culture.

Cosmo Polly, Mila Sunrise, Mimo Jinto, Larry Stained, Bob Soda, Cotton Kelly, Cheesy Jake and Barry Blue all inhabit Hamsta World, a world that borrows from cultures from across the globe.

Through their series of funny habits and use of their hilarious language – Hamstanglish – Hamsta aims to deliver excitement and laughter to families the world over.

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