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Bing is a huge hit in Italy! MDL signs a raft of new deals across multiple categories with more to come.

Consumer demand is sky high for Bing, the new favourite TV series for preschoolers.

In partnership with Acamar Films, Maurizio Distefano Licensing has been managing the licensing rights for the award-winning preschool TV series Bing in Italy since June 2018.

In just a few months, MDL has signed 7 licensing agreements with major players to satisfy the immediate and fast growing demand for products from Italian families.  Many more agreements are currently in negotiation and will soon be finalized, which will see a dedicated Bing range available for all preschoolers across various product categories.

The contracts signed to date are: Lisciani for educational games, Multiprint who will produce sets of stamps and colours, Centauria’s monthly magazine with a gadget that will be sold in kiosks, Grabo for inflatable balloons, Sbabam for blind bag figurines and Coriex, with an incredible variety of products ranging from accessories to homeware.  Mondadori Scienza’s special Bing themed Christmas issue of Focus Pico has just launched and is available now from all kiosks.

Bing’s success in Italy has been incredible – children love Bing and his stories of everyday life.  The show launched on Italian TV screens in February 2018 and has quickly grown in popularity.  With 15 episodes a day on Rai Yoyo, Bing boasts a very high audience share. In less than 5 months the Italian Bing YouTube channel has hit over 1.2m views and is the best performing country for UGC.  The official Italian Facebook page has attracted a strong following of highly engaged grown-ups who are eager for new Bing announcements, product launches and requests.

Follow Bing on Facebook and the official Italian YouTube channel

Gigantosaurus e Rachael Hale® are the new acquisitions of Maurizio Distefano Licensing

Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL) announces the acquisition of two new properties added to the rich portfolio of the agency for the Italian market and for Eastern Europe:


Gigantosaurus is a dino-kids comedy produced by Cyber ​​Group Studios, suitable for a target of children aged 4-6 years old, which can immerse the young spectators in a world of adventures and discoveries in the prehistoric era.

Gigantosaurus debuted with the world premiere at MIP Junior of 2018: the launch of the first season will take place in all countries since the beginning of 2019 on Disney Channel, while the second season in development is scheduled for 2021.

For Italy, the digital broadcaster will be announced soon, while the launch of the products by the Master Toy is scheduled for Q4 2019.

Friendship, imagination and curiosity are the values ​​that bind Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu, four young dinosaurs about to discover the world, between long-necked brachiosaurs and huge triceratops. But above all, among tall plants and bushy jungles, we could meet him, the enormous Gigantosaurus. Gigantosaurus was born from the imagination of Jonny Duddle in his eponymous book, where he wanted to show children how to play with their own fears. One of the four heroes, the bravest of the group, does not hesitate to alarm the others, convinced to continue seeing the dreaded Gigantosaurus everywhere. As long as the monster really appears!

MDL will aim to introduce Gigantosaurus into the Italian merchandising market involving various categories, which will accompany the already present Master Toy and Master Publisher.


The Rachael Hale® brand bring us into the world’s most lovable animals.

One of the great strengths of the Rachael Hale® brand is its universal appeal. The images delight and connect with all ages, regardless of language or culture. The collections capture magical moments which as a brand, it continues to develop in its constant focus to provide fresh concepts to the market.

Now the brand, which is more than 21 years old and is known worldwide, continues to gain more and more success in its licensing program, with international agents in 9 key territories, including MDL for Italy and Eastern Europe.

GUT! Distribution has for many years been developing a back to school line with a wide range of Rachael Hale® products that increases its success every year.


Regarding the two innovations of the agency, Maurizio Distefano states: “MDL carries out a continuous research on the properties that face the market and on the well-established brands that allows to offer to potential licensees solid and always new business opportunities.”

Maurizio Distefano Licensing to represent jewellery brand Xento

Italian jewellery company is a famous fashion name with strong licensing potential

Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL) has been appointed as exclusive Licensing Agent for the fast-growing and famous Italian fashion jewellery company, Xento. MDL will represent the brand in Italy and abroad, expanding its reach in a number of product categories. Following on from a very positive response to a presentation at Milan Licensing Day, MDL will highlight the brand on stand F122 at London’s Brand Licensing Europe 2018 from 9-11 of October.


The owners of the Xento brand are Leonardo Buccoliero and Anna Giulia Suriano. Leonardo is the chief designer for Xento and Anna Giulia deals with the management of the flagship store in Ferrara and selected boutiques that stock Xento creations.


Leonardo and Anna Giulia are not just professional partners; they are happily married. In fact the course of their relationship influenced the founding of their company. At the age of sixteen Leonardo designed his first jewel. It was a pledge of his love to Anna Giulia. Then, as happens, they moved to different cities to study. They lost contact. But as in the best love stories, after 12 years their paths crossed again – in Taranto, Puglia, their Italian hometown. They married in 2005 and were never parted again. And this is what makes the Xento brand special. It’s a brand founded on love, positivity and the desire to bring even just a moment of happiness to someone who wears or gives one of Xento’s elegant and unique creations. Maurizio Distefano Licensing will aim to expand the Xento brand into a number of product categories, always respecting the exclusivity of the brand. Each partner will be selected on the basis of technical excellence and reputation in its sector, to guarantee high-quality product. Xento has created a series of style guides that will allow it to extend the Xento brand experience into various product areas, ranging from clothing and design to lifestyle.


Anna Suriano and Leonardo Buccoliero of Xento said: “We are proud to announce the appointment of MDL to represent the Xento brand. We are sure that the synergy between our two companies will bring Xento to an even wider audience. The response to our brand at the Milan Licensing Day was very positive and we are looking forward immensely to Xento’s debut at Brand Licensing Europe.”

Maurizio Distefano, President, MDL, said: “Xento is a brand that combines beauty, elegance and the delightful characters of its two founders to wonder effect. We are delighted to have been appointed as exclusive Licensing Agent for Xento and are looking forward to a very positive response at BLE.”

Italy’s kids spend Saturdays with Masha and the Bear and Mondadori!

Maurizio Distefano Licensing and Mondadori bookstores hail success of six events in five cities celebrating the much-loved stars of the popular pre-school series

Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL), which manages licensing for the Masha and the Bear brand in Italy and Italian speaking Switzerland on behalf of the Ink Group Animaccord the rights holder of the brand, has hailed the success of six Masha and the Bear-themed events that took place in April and May this year in five Italian cities.

Held by Mondadori bookstores to coincide with the publication of a number of new titles in the Masha and the Bear series from Fratelli Fabbri Editori, these were a series of fun activities for pre-schoolers in six Mondadori outlets around Italy over six Saturdays. In every bookshop a special area was dedicated to Masha and the Bear, and two professional entertainers amused young visitors (and their parents) and read them Masha and the Bear books from 10am to 6pm.

The events were supported by a number of Masha and the Bear licensees, who showed off marvellous Masha and the Bear-branded merchandise in delightful product exhibitions in each bookshop.

The events took place from 21 April to 26 May at Mondadori Group bookshops in the cities of Milan (21 and 28 April), Arese (5 May), Casalecchio di Reno (12 May), Roma (19 May) and Nola (26 May).

The events were a great success with children and parents alike, underlining the continuing enormous popularity of Masha and the Bear on TV, online and in a licensing campaign that has attracted over 40 licensees to date.

rizio Distefano, founder of the agency that takes his name, says: “This was a marvellous series of fun activity days that delighted Masha and the Bear fans – and their parents. Our thanks to Mondadori for supporting and enabling these truly special events.”

Angry Birds licensed apparel wins innovation award for MDL

Gilmar Ice Play line of Angry Birds clothing honoured by licensor Rovio

Maurizio Distefano Licensing, which manages licensing for the Angry Birds property in the Italian and Swiss market, has been honoured with a special award from brand owner Rovio.

MDL won the Rovio Innovation Award 2017 for the most innovative licensing product of 2017 for the development with Angry Birds licensee Gilmar Group, a major player in the Italian apparel industry, of a special Angry Birds version of the Ice Play apparel line for men and women. Rovio’s licensing team awards its best partners in different categories on a yearly basis.

The Gilmar Group is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of quality clothing brands, both house ones (Iceberg, Ice Play) and license ones (Paolo Pecora, Siviglia, N°21). The company’s growth and development strategy includes a wide range of clothing categories, from high-end ready-to-wear to youth fashion lines, but always with keen attention to style, technology and communication.

Ice Play is a sportswear range that emphasises the bright, bold, adventurous, cool and laid-back, and is described as “a riot of art, prints, colour and kaleidoscopic pop culture”. The Angry Birds collection, launched in store and online in late 2016, consists of a set of t-shirts, sweatshirts and other items with fashion forward and stylish designs of Red and the rest of the Angry Birds flock. The collection excellences also in innovative usage of Assets and Style Guides.

The Rovio team highlighted the collection for its ability to interpret the Angry Birds characters in an innovative and at the same time very recognizable way. There was particularly praise for the ingenious use of Angry Birds graphics to provide a distinctive product with high consumer impact and strong market positioning.

MDL CEO Michela Marchese Patti and MDL founder Maurizio Distefano were in Helsinki from 13-14 March to collect the award in person.

Angry Birds is massively popular in Italy where MDL signed the highest number of licensees for Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds brand in the 2015-16 timeframe for a single country. With the second Angry Birds movie set to release in 2019 and a whopping 4 billion game downloads since 2009, the property is likely to remain a leader in the MDL portfolio for some time to come.

Maurizio Distefano says: “This wonderful apparel line from one of the leaders in Italian licensed clothing thoroughly deserves the recognition that this award represents. It is not only a hit at retail but also a creative and stylistic triumph.”


Maurizio Distefano Licensing is the agent for Chic & Love in Italy and other countries

Agency appointed to manage licensing for the fashion brand for Italy and not only.

The Licensing and Managing Consulting agency Maurizio Distefano The evolution of Licensing has been appointed to manage licensing for new fashion and accessories brand Chic & Love for Italy, Canton Ticino, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Ex Yugoslavia countries.

The Chic & Love brand focuses its style on the concept of affordable luxury, combining street style with an avant-garde look. The products that could be developed with the brand will be for sure functional and practical, but also glamorous and off-the-wall, thanks to the partnership with Swarovski, the world’s most famous luxury brand. Chic & Love gives the opportunity to incorporate Swarovski crystals into many of its collections.

Another point of success of the brand is its suitability for different categories and it can reflect the lifestyle and interests of its main target audience of teen and young adult women through relevant, lifestyle-related content. The brand already has a strong media presence though Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and its own site.

Maurizio Distefano’s agency is planning to develop a tailor-made licensing programme, built on the key attributes of the brand. Chic & Love is suitable for developing products in different merchandise categories, such as apparel, back to school, greeting cards, smartphone covers, mugs, watches, jewellery, lingerie, umbrellas, tech accessories, decorations, bed linen and others. The link with Swarovski will be a strong feature in almost all licensed output.

Michela Marchese Patti, CEO and Owner of the agency, is very excited about the collaboration with the brand: “I am convinced that Chic & Love has a very strong appeal for today’s women, and could be translated into products suitable for different targets, adults, teens and girls. The collaboration between our agency and Chic & Love will create very cool projects, with an high-luxury style but affordable for everyone.”

Masha and the Bear children’s rides are on their way!

Impronta Designers to bring popular duo to malls, family hotels and amusement parks


Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MD Licensing), which licences the preschool animation hit Masha and the Bear in Italy on behalf of Ink Global for Animaccord Ltd, has announced another major addition to the exceptionally successful licensing campaign for this enormously popular property.


Impronta Designers, a company that creates and plans amusement theme parks, will bring Masha and the Bear children’s rides to amusement parks, family hotels and shopping malls across Italy.


Measuring 85cm x 140cm x 150cm, and including an interchangeable base, Impronta’s Masha-themed children’s rides will be suitable for shopping malls, family hotels, amusement parks and wherever there is a fun area dedicated to young children. The rides will be illustrated with images of the mischievous little girl and her kind and caring friends, the bear, whose adventures have become a huge hit around the world.


Impronta Designers is a leading name in the creation of fun parks with a portfolio of products and designs that includes many types of children’s rides — from floor slides to tube rides, free falls and aquapark inflatables.


After the extraordinary results recorded in 2016, Masha and the Bear continues to build on its leadership in the cartoon segment in 2017. As well as the wildly popular Masha and the Bear, Rai YoYo is now broadcasting 26 five minute episodes of the new series Masha Tales in which little Masha entertains her young audience with a goodnight story based on fairy tales and traditional themes.

And that’s not all. Also on air now are the first 13 episodes of the new series Masha’s Spooky Stories, in which little Masha helps children to overcome their everyday fears — of the dark, of being lost, even of washing!

And of course the enormously popular series that started it all can now be found online through on-demand streaming on YouTube and Infinity. There’s also a very popular official Facebook page. Series three is expected to reach screens by September 2017, further boosting a very successful licensing campaign — in fact Masha and the Bear is already one of the top licensed properties on the Italian market.


Maurizio Distefano eyes extensive Italian licensing campaign for Hamsta World

Prepare for the invasion of Hamsta: a group of cute hamsters with plucky personalities


MILAN, 20th April 2017: Maurizio Distefano and Happy Ink have reached a new agreement for the licensing management in Italy of the popular international brand, Hamsta World.


Starring Cosmo Polly, Mila Sunrise, Mimo Jito, Larry Macchiato, Bob Soda, Cotton Kelly, Cheesy Jake and Blue Barry, Hamsta World introduces a family of plucky hamsters, blending an international mood with an Asian flavour.


The story begins with Saskia Keiser, a young Dutch art director who, when she decided to expand the family, ended up adopting a cute hamster. It wasn’t long before Saskia noticed just how much happiness her new friend had brought to the whole family, falling in love with the hamster’s cute and curious little nose and his funny way of moving.


Inspired by his new companion, Saskia decided to combine her passion for Japanese design with her love of hamsters, creating da Hamsta (from Hamasuta, the Japanese word for hamsters).

Da Hamstas are cute little critters, each characterised by their strong personality and an oriental design that will capture the imagination through their hilarious catch phrases and healthy sense of humour.

Maurizio Distefano, owner and President of the agency, said: “As soon as I met Saskia and da Hamsta brand, I was swept from the office by the positivity of each of the brand’s characters, all created by the pen of this talented Italian-Dutch designer.

I immediately realised there was a great commercial potential in the world of Italian licensing because this is a cross-brand that, although not supported by an animated series, has a strong appeal to both genders that involves a very large target and endless categories commodity.  “I am sure that the partnership with Happy Ink will bring us a great satisfaction and lots of fun among Italians.”

Saskia Keiser, Executive Creative Director and founder of the Hamsta World brand, commented: “We are very excited to join forces with Maurizio and his team, with his extensive experience and passion for licensing, we feel a 100% match. As a huge fan of Italy I am sure that da Hamstas will conquer many Italian hearts with their common love for food and ‘joie de vivre’. We are happy to join forces with Maurizio to spread da joy and having fun!”

Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing is working in different directions to ensure greater coverage of the licenses in the Italian market, including gifts, household utensils, accessories, clothing, plush toys, back-to-school, stationery, backpacks, food, personal care and many others.

The firm has already received great interest in da Hamsta brand from a number of potential licensees.

With a library of patterns and a wide range of content available to potential partners, Hamsta offers a world of possibilities to licensees.

Tip the Mouse secures new licensing agreements

Simba, Grabo and Balocco join growing licensing portfolio for TV’s favourite mouse, Tip the Mouse.


Milan, March 29, 2017: Studio Bozzetto has secured a swathe of new licensing agreements with some of Italy’s leading companies for a new range of Tip the Mouse branded products.

In a trio of new deals secured via Maurizio Distefano the evolution of licensing, Simba has been named the master toy partner, delivering a range of 3D characters, toys and play-sets each inspired by characters from the animated series.

Meanwhile, Balocco will launch a new luxury chocolate Easter egg pudding, featuring a dedicated surprise, Tip Mouse and his group of friends, while grabo will deliver a range of balloons featuring the popular little mouse.

The popular animated TV series follows the adventures of Tip the Mouse, a young mouse who lives in a small house in a small village situated in the corner of the garden. A cheerful little mouse, Tip the Mouse lives with his mother and father and spends his days going to kindergarten, playing with his classmates and friends and spending time with his grandparents. Tip the Mouse is also soon joined by a little sister.

Created to help children understand and manage the change from babies to toddlers and come to terms with the difficulties and new challenges of growing up, Tip the Mouse engages with youngsters by reflecting their own day to day experiences and discoveries.

The TV series has rocketed to success, airing daily on Rai Yo-Yo, the most important thematic channel dedicated to pre-schoolers. A daily programming schedule takes kids through breakfast time, airing five episodes between 8.35am and 9.05am, through to lunchtime with four episodes airing from 12.30pm to 1pm, six episodes in the evening running from 5.20pm to 6pm and concluding with three episodes at bedtime, 9.50pm to 10pm.

Co-produced by Studio Bozzetto, Studio Campedelli, Giunti Editore, RAI Fiction and the German company m4e, the first season of the animated series consists of 52 episodes, each running at seven minutes.

A new season of Tip the Mouse is currently in development, with a further 26 episodes scheduled for completion later this year.

Maurizio Distefano the evolution of licensing is the licensing agency for Tip the Mouse across the Italian and European markets. The company develops merchandising, digital and home entertainment platforms for the family-friendly mouse.

Official Facebook Page:



Maurizio Distefano ed Ema Eventi di nuovo insieme: i Racconti di Masha diventano live!

Masha’s Tales — the new Masha and the Bear live show — is on its way!

Enormous success of first live show inspires new production touring Italy from late 2017

Following the enormous success of Masha e Orso Live — Masha and the Bear Live — across Italy, Maurizio Distefano Licensing, which manages licensing for the Masha and the Bear brand in Italy and Switzerland, has announced a new show starring the wildly popular children’s characters.

MD Licensing has once again signed an agreement with Ema Events Edoardo Lombardi, a leading name in the production of musicals and live shows, to produce the new show, which launches in October 2017 in major theatres across Italy.

The new show, called Masha’s Tales – The Masha Stories, will bring to the stage stories and folk tales from the imagination of little Masha — with, of course, some help from her friend the Bear. It will once again bring songs, dances and humour, a wonderful cast, superb scenery, state-of-the-art digital technology and thrilling choreography to the latest stage show to be based on one of the most popular children’s TV series in Italy.

The Masha Stories is expected to replicate the amazing success of Masha and the Bear Live, the funny and engaging Ema Events production that has been a box office hit throughout Italy since its launch in October 2015, appealing not just to kids but to the whole family.

The numbers linked to this success have been impressive: more than 170 shows during the two years of the tour, including 41 performances attracting over 40,000 spectators in the first eight months. There have been 40,000 hits daily on the show’s official Facebook page and more than 6 million visits in just eight months.

Edoardo Lombardi, General Manager of EMA Events Production and Communication, commented: “With Masha and the Bear Live we achieved something quite extraordinary: a successful live version of an enormously popular TV series. The Masha Stories will aim to achieve the same success, introducing all sort of innovations and surprises: even more special effects, even more artistic content — and even more fun!”

Maurizio Distefano, President, MD Licensing, said: “With Masha and the Bear Live EMA Events brought to the stage a show that was not just captivating but of the very highest quality. We are confident that the new show will once again combine the joy and humour of the animated series with the thrill of live performance for delighted audiences across Italy.”

Pea&Promoplast to produce Angry Birds promotional plush

Customer and licensee interest in Angry Birds remains strong as licensee list grows

Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MD Licensing), which manages licensing for the Angry Birds brand in Italy and Switzerland, has announced that it has agreed a new European license on behalf of Angry Birds brand owner Rovio.

The agreement, with Italian company Pea&Promoplast, a European leader in the promotions sector, will see the creation of a number of Angry Birds promotional products, a new collection of soft toys, inspired by the wildly popular feathered heroes of video games, a hit film and a very successful licensing campaign.

Red, Chuck and Bomb and the full set of Hatchlings will be the stars of the Pea&Promoplast plush toys themed Angry Birds promotional products, which will be developed by Pea&Promoplast for use in Angry Birds promotional activities alongside brand partners from various sectors.

Pea&Promoplast is a European leader in the promotions sector with a strong track record of innovation for over 40 years. It creates integrated, multichannel projects for the toys, publishing, promotion and visual merchandising sectors, supported by international distribution. Its teams specialise in various sectors: collectibles, promotions, toys, entertainment, and loyalty programmes.

MD Licensing handles the licensing rights for Angry Birds for the Italian and Swiss markets. It has developed a wide range of Angry Birds licenses that involve leading companies in their sectors across a number of different product categories, including back to school, personal care, publishing, toys, clothing and food. Licensing partners signed to date include Academy, Admiranda, Fabbri, Gilmar, Granarolo, World, Nestlé, Perletti, Ravensburger, Walcor and Warm Up Industry.

The success of the Angry Birds video game series, one of the most popular the world has ever seen, and the Angry Birds Movie, which has grossed nearly $350 million, have driven continuing strong licensee engagement with the brand in Italy.

Gianluca Aprile, CEO Pea&Promoplast, said: “This major global partnership with Rovio, supported by the efforts of MD Licensing, has been a powerful recognition and endorsement of the strength of our work: more than twenty years experience in plush production for large global players such as De Agostini, Unilever, Ferrero and Warner. This experience will be invaluable in the development of Angry Birds promotional products based on the Angry Birds movie and the extraordinary Hatchlings spin-off, not to mention supplying the new Angry Birds theme park in Doha, Qatar.

Maurizio Distefano, chairman and founder of the agency, added: “We have partnered with Pea&Promoplast on numerous projects for many years and we have enjoyed a great deal of success on a number of innovative projects. This agreement with Pea&Promoplast will allow us, alongside Rovio, to expand the reach of this brand even further — supported by some very high-quality plush versions of everybody’s favourite Angry Birds.

For further information please contact:


Jane Garner & Suzy Wyld  /




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t   + 44 ( 0 ) 1279 887 101




t   + 44 ( 0 ) 1279 887 101



azienda leader europea nel mercato promozionale editoriale e per bambini, per la creazione della nuova collezione di peluche ispirata ai pennuti più irriverenti del piccolo schermo: Red, Chuck e Bomb e della serie completa degli Hatchilings. Pea Promoplast metterà a disposizione questa linea di prodotti e numerosi altri a tema Angry Birds per attività promozionali con partner appartenenti a vari settori merceologici.

Pea Promoplast è una delle principali realtà europee leader nella produzione di premium e campagne promozionali e si occupa di Promotion, Collectible Toys, Visual Merchansiding, Publishing, Digital.

Maurizio Distefano, Presidente e fondatore dell’omonima agenzia, ha dichiarato: “Siamo partner di Pea Promoplast da molto tempo e abbiamo realizzato insieme tanti progetti di successo. Questo nuovo accordo di licenza con Rovio consentirà a noi e a tutti gli attori coinvolti di raggiungere nuovi livelli di business, ampliando il nostro raggio d’azione e portando ai bambini di tutto il mondo peluche attualissimi e di alta qualità.”

Gianluca Aprile,  Ceo Pea Promoplast: “ La richiesta di diventare partner globali di Rovio, tramite l’ottimo e costante endorsement della Maurizio DiStefano the evolution of licensing, ci ha permesso di rafforzare una partnership già attiva su molte altre properties. Abbiamo messo a disposizione la nostra ventennale esperienza nella produzione di peluche per i grandi player globali come De Agostini, Unilever, Ferrero, Warner, per raggiungere i milioni di consumatori del simpatico pennuto arrabbiato Red. Il progetto ci vede coinvolti nella creazione delle nuove collezioni di Angry birds movie e sulla nuova serie degli straordinari Hatchlings prossimamente in programmazione anche in Italia e nella veste di fornitori ufficiali per il merchandising del nuovo parco a tema Angry Birds a Doha, Qatar.”

In Italia è la Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing che gestisce tutti i diritti di licenza per Angry Birds non solo per il mercato italiano, ma anche per quello svizzero. È in costante sviluppo una vasta gamma di licenze che coinvolgono aziende leader nel proprio settore e in diverse categorie merceologiche tra cui il Back to school, il personal care, l’editoria, il mondo del giocattolo, dell’abbigliamento e dell’alimentazione. Tra i contratti siglati ricordiamo quelli con Accademia, Admiranda, Fabbri, Gilmar, Granarolo, Mondo, Nestlé, Perletti, Ravensburger, Walcor, Warm Up Industry.


Maurizio Distefano The evolution of Licensing

Maurizio Distefano, un professionista accreditato a livello internazionale da più di 15 anni di esperienza nel settore, è fondatore e Presidente dell’agenzia di Licensing e Management Consulting che prende il suo nome. La proposta innovativa ed esclusiva di Maurizio Distefano si basa su un approccio olistico a 360 ° che consente di analizzare e rispondere alle peculiari necessità di business di ogni singolo licenziatario. Maurizio Distefano, grazie alle sue capacità ed esperienza, focalizza l’attenzione su brand di licensing fortemente web-oriented che trovano il loro ideale sviluppo in attività multimediali. Tra le properties distribuite dalla Maurizio Distefano Licensing figurano tra gli altri: Masha e Orso (la più popolare serie animata per i bambini in età prescolare), Angry Birds (la serie di videogiochi rompicapo sviluppati da Rovio Mobile), Alvinn and the chipmunks (la serie animata che vede protagonisti tre piccoli scoiattoli cantanti), TOPO TIP, emoji – the iconic brand, Paddington e Kit^n^Kate.

Ulteriori informazioni sono disponibili su



Maurizio Distefano The evolution of Licensing
T. + 39 0131 820500


Masha and the Bear take centre stage at Leolandia for 2017

Expanded area for family stars and their fans planned for major theme park

In 2016 Masha and the Bear were the guests of honour. In 2017 they will have a major role. Maurizio Distefano Licensing, which manages licensing for the brand in Italy and Switzerland, has announced that Italy’s enormously popular Leolandia theme park will expand its successful Masha and the Bear area for the 2017 season, with many new features.

Admirers of the little Masha and her friend Bear will now have an even bigger area in which to meet their heroes in person, be photographed with them, watch the shows and have fun in the setting of the amusement park of choice for most Italian families.

With its six themed areas and 40 attractions for all ages, including a rich entertainment offering and themed areas like The World of Animals and Minitalia (a miniature Italy), Leolandia is the largest theme park in the northwest of the country and the fastest growing in Italy.

Last year saw a record season for the park, with a strong increase in attendance and a highly successful focus on a specific target audience: Italian families with small children. The combination of Leolandia and Masha and Bear was a key part of this drive. The television series loved by a vast Italian preschool audience has proved exceptionally popular in a theme park setting; it will be an even more important feature of Leolandia’s attractions in 2017.

This initiative further expands the reach of the Masha and the Bear brand, whose growing popularity at Leolandia, and in licensing and promotion generally, reflects the outstanding results achieved throughout 2016 in Italy by the television series, which reached viewing peaks of 6.8% per episode.

This success has already inspired a 26-episode spin-off series, Masha Tales, which launched on Rai YoYo in March, a box office record-breaking movie and a long-running theatrical tour — Masha and the Bear Live Show — which has reached all of Italy’s major cities. The show has also built a strong online presence on PCs, tablets and mobile devices thanks to on-demand streaming on Chili and Infinity, the YouTube platform and the official Masha Facebook page.

Maurizio Distefano, President, MD Licensing, said: “I am delighted with the fantastic relationship we have established with Leolandia and the great achievements of the Masha and the Bear brand in the last year — and I am thrilled that the brand will be even better represented this year. Leolandia is the top amusement park for Italian families and this renewed partnership sets the stage for a memorable 2017 — for both Leolandia and Masha and the Bear. “

Granarolo sigla un accordo di licenza con Angry Birds

Angry Birds protagonisti dell’intera linea Yomino, i prodotti Yomo dedicati ai più piccoli

Milano, 1 febbraio 2017: Maurizio Distefano ha siglato un nuovo accordo di licenza per Rovio con Granarolo per portare a tutti i bambini le yogurt merende 100% naturali di Yomo, in collaborazione con i pennuti più irriverenti del piccolo schermo: Red, Chuck e Bomb. Granarolo commercializzerà, a partire dal primo trimestre 2017, tutti i prodotti Yomino targati Angry Birds in tutti i supermercati, ipermercati e nei canali tradizionali.
Yomino è la linea di prodotti Yomo dedicati ai bambini che include:

  • Lo yogurt 100% naturale buono e divertente che non si mangia con il cucchiaino, ma si squeezza! Prodotto in Italia con solo latte italiano, ha l’elenco ingredienti più corto che c’è, perché non contiene coloranti, conservanti, aromi, addensanti, ma solo yogurt, frutta o golosi ingredienti e un pizzico di zucchero. Pratico da portare fuori casa, perché si mantiene fuori dal frigorifero fino a un massimo di 4 ore, Yomino è ideale a colazione o per una gustosa merenda. Yomino è disponibile al gusto cioccolato, fragola, banana, miele e albicocca.
  • Lo Yomino dj, lo yogurt da mixare! Per i bambini una merenda buona e fresca in cui la bontà dello yogurt Yomo si unisce a golosi e colorati confettini al cioccolato. Yomino dj è disponibile al gusto banana e al gusto fragola.
  • Lo Yomino snack, ideale a colazione o a merenda, con due morbide fette di pan di spagna unite da una golosa crema al latte. Fatto con latte fresco italiano, senza conservanti, coloranti e grassi idrogenati. Yomino snack è disponibile al gusto latte e latte/cacao.

In collaborazione con Rovio, Granarolo organizzerà la nuova Raccolta Punti per ricevere direttamente a casa uno dei fantastici premi di Angry Birds. Partecipare sarà facile acquistando prodotti a marchio Yomino che riporteranno sulla confezione 1 o 2 punti che aiuteranno i consumatori a completare la raccolta più velocemente. I premi in palio sono una tenda gioco, un trolley e un set completo di colori da viaggio.
In Italia è la Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing che gestisce tutti i diritti di licenza per Angry Birds non solo per il mercato italiano, ma anche per quello svizzero. È in costante sviluppo una vasta gamma di licenze che coinvolgono aziende leader nel proprio settore e in diverse categorie merceologiche tra cui il Back to school, il personal care, l’editoria, il mondo del giocattolo, dell’abbigliamento e dell’alimentazione. Tra i contratti siglati ricordiamo quelli con Accademia, Admiranda, Fabbri, Gilmar, Mondo, Nestlé, Perletti, Ravensburger, Walcor, Warm Up Industry.

Il lancio del film: Emoji – Accendi Le Emozioni

Emoji company GmbH insieme a Sony Pictures Animation
per il lancio del film: Emoji – Accendi Le Emozioni

Amburgo, Germania – 17 gennaio 2017: Emoji company GmbH e Sony Pictures Animation (SPA) annunciano oggi di aver raggiunto un accordo di licenza per l’uso del marchio registrato emoji®. L’accordo riguarda l’uso del termine emoji nel piano strategico di merchandising mondiale che Sony Pictures Animation realizzerà in concomitanza con l’uscita nelle sale, il prossimo 11 agosto 2017, del film Emoji – Accendi Le Emozioni.
Entrambe le parti offriranno le proprie serie di immagini e personaggi, destinandoli a mercati diversi.
“Siamo felici di questo nuovo accordo con Sony Pictures”, ha commentato Marco Huesges, CEO di Emoji company. “Non ci sarà confusione sul mercato perché i prodotti realizzati da Sony Animations Pictures faranno unicamente riferimento al film Emoji – Accendi Le Emozioni mentre emoji company continuerà a proporre le proprie immagini con il classico look & feel già conosciuto.”
In Italia Emoji company è rappresentata da Universal Music Spain.

Paddington Bear brand set to build on success in Italy

Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing to develop licensing programme as second film announced


Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing (MD Licensing) has been appointed by The Copyrights Group to manage the licensing programme in Italy for Paddington Bear, the internationally loved children’s character and brand.

Paddington has appeared in numerous books and television adaptations and in November 2014 the first full-length Paddington film was released to huge critical and commercial success. Part of a franchise, the second film will be released in December 2017 much to the delight of parents and children alike.


With his old hat, duffel coat, battered suitcase and his love of marmalade sandwiches, Paddington is a classic and enduring character. Friendly, well-meaning and kind, Paddington has an unfortunate habit of getting into trouble despite his best efforts. Arriving from Peru at London’s Paddington station, where he was found, adopted and named by the Brown family, the first story ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ was published in 1958. Since then, British-born writer Michael Bond has been delighting children and families all over the world with his stories about Paddington for almost 60 years. Today, more than 150 titles are dedicated to his adventures and have been translated into 40 different languages, selling more than 35 million copies worldwide. With over 130 licensees signed globally, Paddington even has his own theme park in Japan!

The Paddington licensing campaign was further boosted in 2014 by a movie version starring Nicole Kidman, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville, Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters and Ben Wishaw, who voiced an amazing CGI Paddington. The film was a great success, making more than $270 million at the worldwide box office — and more than $6 million in Italy alone. In 2015 Paddington was ranked fourth in the 100 most influential brands of the year.


With a second film planned for release in Christmas 2017, featuring Hugh Grant and Brendan Gleeson in another strong cast, brand awareness is expected to be further boosted. MD Licensing is planning a wide-ranging licensing campaign in Italy focused on toys, gifts, games, confectionery, plush and much more.


Maurizio Distefano, President MD the evolution of Licensing, commented: “Paddington is a much-loved children’s brand whose many fans worldwide, love his friendly manner and adventures. With the film sequel on its way, we expect brand awareness to be stronger than ever in the Italian market in the coming year and the Paddington brand to be more successful than ever among licensees and at retail.” 

Polly Emery, Brand and Marketing Director at The Copyrights Group, added: “”We are thrilled to be partnering with MD Licensing, to build the Paddington brand in Italy. Together with publishing partner Mondadori and Eagle, who will be distributing the Paddington movie, we are looking forward to seeing exciting activity for Paddington in Italy..”


Editors Notes

About Paddington:

For almost 60 years, British-born writer Michael Bond has been entertaining children and families all over the world with his stories about Paddington, the bear from Darkest Peru famous for his love of marmalade. Since the first book, A Bear Called Paddington, was published by HarperCollins in 1958, a further 13 full-length novels and countless other formats have been published. Paddington’s adventures have been adapted several times for television and at the end of 2014 Paddington made his debut onto the big screen. A second Paddington movie, Paddington 2, is set to launch on the 10th November, 2017 in the UK.  In recognition of Paddington’s extraordinary popularity and success, Michael Bond was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) from the Queen for services to children’s literature in 1997 and a CBE (Commander of the British Empire) in 2015.

Today, there are over 150 book titles available in 40 languages and in more than 100 countries, book sales are in excess of 35 million. The PADDINGTON DVD released in 2015 was the fastest and strongest selling DVD of 2015 in the UK. Paddington has a growing online presence with over 600 thousand Facebook fans and over 20 thousand Twitter followers.

In 2016 the Paddington brand was purchased by Studiocanal, part of the Vivendi group.

Follow Paddington on Twitter at @paddingtonbear Like Paddington’s Facebook page at

Paddington Bear™ © Paddington and Co Ltd/Studiocanal S.A. 2016 Licensed on behalf of Studiocanal S.A. by Copyrights Group



For further information please contact :


Jane Garner & Suzy Wyld  /

For further information please contact :


Jane Garner & Suzy Wyld  /



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t   + 44 ( 0 ) 1279 778 919

f   + 44 ( 0 ) 1279 778 929




For more information on Paddington and The Copyrights Group, please contact Polly Emery, Brand and Marketing Director on:

t +44 (0) 203 714 1181


Kit^n^Kate chooses Maurizio Distefano to develop the Italian licensing project

Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing enhanced its portfolio with the agreement with Toonbox animation studio


Milan, 26 November 2016: Maurizio Distefano and Toonbox announce they reached an agreement for the management of the licensing project in Italy for Kit^n^Kate, the preschoolers animated series which is recording over 160 millions of viewers at the official YouTube channel. Kit^n^Kate is a cartoon that captures the children for its adventures, fun and for the important educational message that underlies every single episode. The series is currently on air in Eastern Europe, Russia, Finland, Benelux, Australia, South Korea, Portugal, Middle East, Africa and expanding to the new territories in the near future. In addition, the show has been extended by two seasons with 102 episodes to be available by 2019 with a strong Consumer Products support by Rovio Entertainment Ltd., who acts as a master CP licensee worldwide.

The main characters of the animated series are two kittens, Kit and Kate, who play in a magic box that transports them into new worlds where they live fantastic adventures. Playing in these new worlds will make great discoveries and learn on their skin, thanks to the intervention of their parents, what are the behaviors that should not be kept and those that should be encouraged. The series was created by the authors of animation and entertainment such as Mike de Seve (Angry Birds Toons, Kablam!, Over the Hedge), Susan Kim (Pocoyo, Arthur, Are You Afraid of the Dark?), Jymn Magon (Duck Tales, Adventures of the Gummi Bears, Quack Pack, A Goofy Movie) and Michael Mennies (The Fixies, Kikoriki).

Maurizio Distefano, President of the homonymous agency, commented: “I am very satisfied with the results obtained by my agency over the past two years. Among the main key points that have led to the success of the agency they are: the ability to look ahead and anticipate market trends by offering our customers the brands and innovations before they become known to the general public and the highest level of professionalism and service that we offer for the all the duration of our collaboration. Kit^n^Kate is a series not yet known to the general public in Italy but has already enjoyed huge success online and in the countries where it’s broadcasted, it is an animated series with the excellent quality and with a simple narrative and attractive. We are sure it will be a great success also in Italy.

Pavel Muntyan, CEO of Toonbox Animation Studio commented: “We are extremely pleased to announce the start of the co-operation with Maurizio Distefano in Italy. We believe that the success Maurizio and his team brought to the other brands in Italy can also be achieved with Kit’n’Kate. Additionally we are excited with the fact that MDL believed in our brand on the early stages of its success and expressed eagerness to work with us and develop the brand together”.


About Toonbox

Toonbox Animation is an animation studio based in Paphos, Cyprus that has produced more than 260 animation episodes, with more than 12 hours of high-quality animation content recognized around the world for its creativity and production excellence. Today the company’s portfolio contains a number of animation shows at various stages of production. The major series are Qumi-Qumi, Kit^n^Kate, Mr. Freeman and Shaman’s Quest.


About Rovio

Rovio Entertainment Ltd., based in Espoo, Finland, is the creator of Angry Birds™, the casual mobile game that changed an industry and became an international phenomenon. Today Angry Birds is not only the most downloaded series of games of all time, it is a renowned entertainment brand that has branched out into animation, licensing and more. The Angry Birds Movie was released in May 2016.


TOPO TIP e Eagle Pictures

Da dicembre disponibile in DVD la prima stagione della serie animata di Topo Tip

Milano, 15 novembre 2016: Studio Bozzetto, grazie all’intermediazione della Maurizio Distefano the evolution of licensing, ha firmato un accordo di licenza con la casa di produzione Eagle Pictures per realizzare 6 DVD contenenti gli episodi della prima stagione della serie animata TOPO TIP, 52 puntate della durata di 7 minuti ciascuna. I primi 2 DVD conterranno 8 episodi ciascuno più un episodio bonus in regalo e saranno disponibili, a partire dal 7 dicembre 2016, in tutti i supermercati, ipermercati e nei canali tradizionali con un packaging speciale dedicato al topolino amico dei bambini.

Maurizio Distefano, presidente dell’omonima agenzia ha commentato: “TOPO TIP è un esempio dell’eccellenza italiana nel mondo: creato nel 2003 da Andrea Dami, parte della grande famiglia Giunti, i libri che lo vedono protagonista sono diventati in pochissimo tempo un grande successo editoriale fino ad avere in catalogo più di 30 titoli, tradotti in 35 lingue diverse. Il passaggio dalla carta al cartoon ha avvicinato ancora di più TOPO TIP ai bambini, umanizzandolo e sottolineandone gli aspetti del carattere che sono propri dei suoi coetanei con un chiaro obiettivo pedagogico. Il tutto arricchito da un’estrema cura dei dettagli nella realizzazione di ogni singolo personaggio e delle ambientazioni.

Siamo molto soddisfatti di questo nuovo accordo di licenza con Eagle Pictures, azienda leader anche nel segmento dell’home video, che porterà la prima stagione della serie animata di TOPO TIP in tutte le case dei suoi piccoli amici.“

Eagle Pictures è orgogliosa di poter lanciare una serie così ben realizzata, di grande potenzialità commerciale che porterà soddisfazioni a tutto il comparto entertainment” afferma Riccardo Sacchi, Direttore Divisione Home Entertainment di Eagle Pictures.
In un angolino di prato, vicino al mondo degli umani, c’è un piccolo villaggio e una casetta con mobili fatti di oggetti che gli umani hanno perduto. Qui vive TOPO TIP, un piccolo topino umanizzato di circa 3 anni che abita con mamma e papà. TIP è un topolino allegro, tenero e curioso, va all’asilo, gioca con i suoi compagni e amici, ha un nonno e una nonna e presto arriva anche una sorellina. I bimbi si riconoscono in TOPO TIP e nelle rispettive esperienze e scoperte quotidiane perché il suo carattere è tipico della fase di crescita di quell’età, in cui il «no» e i capricci regnano sovrani. TOPO TIP aiuta i bambini a capire e gestire i cambiamenti, a comprendere le difficoltà e le nuove sfide della crescita.

Maurizio Distefano The evolution of Licensing è l’agenzia di licensing per l’Italia e i territori europei di lingua italiana di TOPO TIP. L’agenzia di Maurizio Distefano sviluppa il merchandising, il mondo digital e i DVD legati al topolino amico dei bambini.
Pagina Ufficiale Facebook:

ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks di Bagdasarian Production fanno merenda con Citterio

Citterio nuovo licenziatario di ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks

Milano, 7 novembre 2016: Maurizio Distefano ha siglato un nuovo accordo di licenza con Citterio che commercializzerà in tutti i supermercati, ipermercati e nei canali tradizionali il popolare ‘Unduetris!’ con un packaging speciale dedicato ad ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks, creato da Janice Karman.
UnDueTris! Merenda è la sfiziosa merenda equilibrata che Citterio propone in due varianti: sfiziosi bastoncini di salame o prosciutto cotto, accompagnati da fragranti grissini di pane e da una purea di mela da 90gr. che apporta gli stessi vantaggi nutrizionali di un frutto intero.
Questo spuntino nutriente e genuino viene presentato all’interno di una pratica vaschetta per la merenda dei bambini, perfetta da portare con sé anche in ufficio, in viaggio o in palestra. Citterio e ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks offriranno così a tutta la famiglia uno spuntino sano, leggero, semplice e pratico. Inoltre, ogni confezione di UnDueTris! una volta aperta si trasformerà in una fantastica sorpresa per rallegrare la merenda dei più piccoli. Il retro del pack, infatti, conterrà dei simpatici disegni di Alvin e dei suoi amici pronti da colorare!
Maurizio Distefano, Presidente dell’omonima agenzia, ha commentato: “Sono orgoglioso dell’accordo di licenza siglato con Citterio, una vera e propria istituzione nella produzione dei salumi italiani. Citterio da 150 anni ha tra i suoi valori fondanti la qualità del prodotto, l’innovazione e la tradizione, elementi che condivide con ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks. Grazie a questa collaborazione ALVINNN!!! And The Chipmunks entrano nel settore alimentare, consentendo ai bambini di vivere la merenda con allegria e in maniera salutare.”
Maurizio Distefano the evolution of Licensing gestisce tutti i diritti di licenza per ALVINNN!!! And the Chipmunks non solo per il mercato italiano. È in costante sviluppo una vasta gamma di licenze che coinvolgono aziende leader nel proprio settore e in diverse categorie merceologiche tra cui il Back to school, il personal care, l’editoria, il mondo del giocattolo, dell’abbigliamento e dell’alimentazione.
Inoltre, ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks, di proprietà di Bagdasarian Productions, si conferma ancora una volta come la serie televisiva animata più amata dai bambini con ben 101 episodi messi in onda ogni settimana sia sui canali a pagamento che su quelli in chiaro. Il target di riferimento della serie sono i bambini, maschi e femmine, tra i 4 e i 12 anni. Gli episodi della serie sono in onda in chiaro su K2 con 17 episodi alla settimana e sul canale satellitare Nick Junior con 84 episodi alla settimana.

Protagonisti della serie sono i simpatici scoiattoli cantanti nati nel 1958 dalla fantasia del cantante, compositore e produttore californiano Ross Bagdasarian, diventati un fenomeno che a più di 50 anni di distanza ancora affascina e incolla alla TV i bambini di tutto il mondo. La comedy musicale che vede al centro le due scatenata band di roditori canterini è in una versione tutta nuova e totalmente rivista in computer grafica e con tante nuove canzoni originali. La serie tv combina personaggi cool, storie divertenti e gli elementi musicali in un modo fantastico: piace a tutta la famiglia perché riporta le prove e le tribolazioni di un solo genitore, David Seville, alle prese con sei piccoli Chipmunks iperattivi.