Bing is a huge hit in Italy! MDL signs a raft of new deals across multiple categories with more to come.

Consumer demand is sky high for Bing, the new favourite TV series for preschoolers.

In partnership with Acamar Films, Maurizio Distefano Licensing has been managing the licensing rights for the award-winning preschool TV series Bing in Italy since June 2018.

In just a few months, MDL has signed 7 licensing agreements with major players to satisfy the immediate and fast growing demand for products from Italian families.  Many more agreements are currently in negotiation and will soon be finalized, which will see a dedicated Bing range available for all preschoolers across various product categories.

The contracts signed to date are: Lisciani for educational games, Multiprint who will produce sets of stamps and colours, Centauria’s monthly magazine with a gadget that will be sold in kiosks, Grabo for inflatable balloons, Sbabam for blind bag figurines and Coriex, with an incredible variety of products ranging from accessories to homeware.  Mondadori Scienza’s special Bing themed Christmas issue of Focus Pico has just launched and is available now from all kiosks.

Bing’s success in Italy has been incredible – children love Bing and his stories of everyday life.  The show launched on Italian TV screens in February 2018 and has quickly grown in popularity.  With 15 episodes a day on Rai Yoyo, Bing boasts a very high audience share. In less than 5 months the Italian Bing YouTube channel has hit over 1.2m views and is the best performing country for UGC.  The official Italian Facebook page has attracted a strong following of highly engaged grown-ups who are eager for new Bing announcements, product launches and requests.

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