Gigantosaurus e Rachael Hale® are the new acquisitions of Maurizio Distefano Licensing

Maurizio Distefano Licensing (MDL) announces the acquisition of two new properties added to the rich portfolio of the agency for the Italian market and for Eastern Europe:


Gigantosaurus is a dino-kids comedy produced by Cyber ​​Group Studios, suitable for a target of children aged 4-6 years old, which can immerse the young spectators in a world of adventures and discoveries in the prehistoric era.

Gigantosaurus debuted with the world premiere at MIP Junior of 2018: the launch of the first season will take place in all countries since the beginning of 2019 on Disney Channel, while the second season in development is scheduled for 2021.

For Italy, the digital broadcaster will be announced soon, while the launch of the products by the Master Toy is scheduled for Q4 2019.

Friendship, imagination and curiosity are the values ​​that bind Rocky, Bill, Tiny and Mazu, four young dinosaurs about to discover the world, between long-necked brachiosaurs and huge triceratops. But above all, among tall plants and bushy jungles, we could meet him, the enormous Gigantosaurus. Gigantosaurus was born from the imagination of Jonny Duddle in his eponymous book, where he wanted to show children how to play with their own fears. One of the four heroes, the bravest of the group, does not hesitate to alarm the others, convinced to continue seeing the dreaded Gigantosaurus everywhere. As long as the monster really appears!

MDL will aim to introduce Gigantosaurus into the Italian merchandising market involving various categories, which will accompany the already present Master Toy and Master Publisher.


The Rachael Hale® brand bring us into the world’s most lovable animals.

One of the great strengths of the Rachael Hale® brand is its universal appeal. The images delight and connect with all ages, regardless of language or culture. The collections capture magical moments which as a brand, it continues to develop in its constant focus to provide fresh concepts to the market.

Now the brand, which is more than 21 years old and is known worldwide, continues to gain more and more success in its licensing program, with international agents in 9 key territories, including MDL for Italy and Eastern Europe.

GUT! Distribution has for many years been developing a back to school line with a wide range of Rachael Hale® products that increases its success every year.


Regarding the two innovations of the agency, Maurizio Distefano states: “MDL carries out a continuous research on the properties that face the market and on the well-established brands that allows to offer to potential licensees solid and always new business opportunities.”

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